Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Using internet newsgroups for online market research Paper

Using internet newsgroups for online market - Research Paper Example It is also through these groups that I will be able to relay information about how easy and convenient it is to access my boots. Being an active member in forums and contributing to important topics will play a major role in establishing links and good relationships. Through discussions and frequently asked questions, I will be able to know people’s likes and preferences as well as the challenges they encounter trying to access business services. This way, I will have the ability to adopt the best marketing strategies that are more appealing to the people and that are likely to increase sales. There are discussion groups that will allow me to advertise my products. This will give me an opportunity to attract potential buyers specifically by insisting on affordability and comfort of my boots. There are various ethical principles that I might violate if I use messages from newsgroups however much it may be difficult to distinguish private space from public space on the internet. For instance, I might violate the principle of ownership. Collecting information and claiming false ownership is unethical. The principle of acquisition might also be violated. Acquiring and using information without the owner’s consent is unethical. Another principle is the principle of identity. Providing false identity so as to acquire permission to use information is ethically inappropriate. The principle of accountability might also be at stake. A person is expected to be accountable for any situation that may arise as a result of using message that he/she did not publish (Josephson, 2010). In my view, there is no ethical problem in using newsgroups for marketing purposes or using messages from discussion forums. According to me, ethical problems are only applicable in most internet related activities if content is used for the wrong reasons such as

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