Friday, October 18, 2019

Women's Appearance and Sexuality Represent Power Research Paper

Women's Appearance and Sexuality Represent Power - Research Paper Example Madonna, Miley Cyrus, and Lady Gaga are just some of the few cultural musical icons who embody the sexualized image of a woman with many of their music video featuring them in near stark nudeness such as, wrecking ball. This is viewed as promoting a certain image of woman which results in audiences relating their value and worth based on their sexuality and physical appearance, many of the adverts in popular media capitalize on this and women are encouraged their sexual appeal to sell products in line with the popular modern adage that sex sells. The success of women tend to be attached to their physical attractiveness as is evinced in numerous Hollywood productions, for example in Iron Man, the leading woman who is also iron man’s lover is portrayed as both highly successful as a businesswoman and also very sexually attractive. This is said to promote the perception that a woman’s success is based on their beauty and sexual attractiveness. In view of the fact that wome n already have to work hard and often harder than men to be acknowledged as successful, popular culture is criticized for making them feel they need to also be sexually attractive so as to realize their full success and therefore limits some from reaching the full potential. While this argument is plausible, and one must concede that in some cases the connection between sexuality and success is overstated, suggesting that women should be limited in the extent to which they can express their sexuality borders repressing them.

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