Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Buddhism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 5

Buddhism - Essay Example As the essay declares the religion of Buddhism is associated to the Hinduism religion. Both of them believe in the concept of escaping from samsara also referred to as rebirth. A lot of people believe that Buddhism is in some way integrated within Hinduism. The religion of Buddhism was created when a young prince escaped from a life that was seen as fake. He did so in order to find reality. He decided to become the Buddha by being a mediator instead of a king. People believe that the religion of Buddhism does not allow its monks to get married, eat meat, or drink alcohol, but in reality this is not true. From the paper it is clear Zen Buddhism is a branch of Buddhism whose leader is the Buddha which them stands for emptiness. A lot of people believe the Zen Buddhism has a lot of similarities with Christianity, but there also many differences between both religions. Christians believe that God rules this world and each person has a soul that will either be send to heaven or earth upon death. Buddhism differs in that the followers of this religion do not believe in the existence of God, thus people can be free from samsara. They believe that through samsara or nirvana their souls escape from the rebirth cycle. Emptiness of nature is accomplished through religion. The Zen Buddhism religion started in China around 100 B.C. For Chinese people emptiness is reached through celibacy, solitary mediation, renunciation, and monasticism. The religion was not popular before, but it spread across Japan and China.

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