Sunday, May 24, 2020

Totem And The Coyote Columbus Story By Thomas King

The two stories ‘Totem’ and ‘The Coyote Columbus Story’ written by Thomas King are about the Aboriginal people of North America. Thomas King revisits the history of the Native American people in his stories and tells them in a symbolic and metaphorical manner, with his simple touch of humour. The stories â€Å"Totem† and â€Å"The Coyote Columbus Story† are based on historical events, where in they describe the real historical events which have occurred, rather than the ones written down otherwise. The story â€Å"Totem† illustrates the cultural biased society’s attitude towards the Aboriginal people of North America. The story â€Å"Totem† by Thomas King captures several such incidences and tells them in a bit magical and symbolic way. It tells us the story about Aboriginal people and their three centuries of history shared with the European. â€Å"The Coyote Columbus Story† by Thomas King talks about the sailo rs who claimed they had found the land of India and China, which was North America in reality, and corrects their claim in this story by retelling the true events which had actually happened. The events in this story take place at the time when Columbus arrived in North America, unlike in â€Å"Totem† where its events take place in a post-Columbus period. Thomas King says that the Canadian history has been altered and he feels he should tell them correctly. He incorporates four core elements in his story â€Å"Totem† to illustrate his point: the totem pole, Walter Hooton and his workers,Show MoreRelatedThomas King: Not Just a Reaction to Colonialism1459 Words   |  6 PagesA Coyote Columbus Story shows the Native point of view of the beginning of colonialism. When introducing Christopher Columbus into the short story, Coyote says [t]hat is the one who found Indians (King Coyote 123). In many of Kings stories, he writes narration without quotations, but this particular short story doesnt contain a single quotation. The style in which it is written is not similar to many other post-colonial texts. Rather than depicting historical facts directly and accurately

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