Friday, September 27, 2019

Benefits of using electronic whiteboards as a teaching aid Essay

Benefits of using electronic whiteboards as a teaching aid - Essay Example It is possible to maintain cleanliness in the environment while using whiteboards, as there are no chalks or dusters. Besides providing the convenience of using flipcharts, pictures, maps and charts during demonstration which otherwise would not have been possible, it mainly provides the following benefits: It serves as an excellent tool for brainstorming sessions, either in meetings or classrooms, the demonstrator has the benefit of conducting question-answer session in several ways, which after analyzing and ensuring that all pupils are taking part, uses symbols or communication aid to mark the answer as true or false or to transfer their views on whiteboard for display purpose. It is easy to get students' attention, as it is a colourful medium. Whiteboard is ideal in situations where the computer access is limited as it is an interactive tool, which works best when there is only a single computer in classroom. While working along with computer and projector and in addition to displaying lectures or information, it can also send that information to all students in a class and possess the ability to research a topic using Internet along with the class. Electronic whiteboards help in daily updating of lesson plans.

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