Thursday, December 26, 2019

Essay about Business Ethics Avco Environmental - 918 Words

For my paper I chose the case of Avco Environmental. The case is fictitious and can be found on the linked provided in prezi. The facts of the case are Chantale Leroux, a clerk for Avco Environmental Services, which is a toxic waste disposal company, has found evidence that Avco might be disposing medical waste in the local municipal landfill. I feel this case violates seven of the ten primary traps and eight of the ten prima facie duties. In reading the case, you can separate Chantale the person from Avco Environmental the company and see who has violated what traps. In looking at the ten primary traps from the Hoyk and Hersey book , seven of the ten traps were cause for the ethical failure. The first trap is†¦show more content†¦The company, Avco, has violated tyranny of goals by performing the illegal practice and not informing the proper authorities once Chantale had brought it to their attention. Money is an obvious trap for both Chantale and Avco. Chantale is fearful of losing her job and if she were to call her friend at the newspaper or someone else outside the company, she may be fired and a loss of money would result. For Avco, they are trying to save money and if Chantale were to call her friend they could be fined, sued and have to start paying for proper disposal techniques. The last trap, conflict of loyalty, can sum all of these examples. It is stated that Chantale has ‘faith’ in her company’s management and that they have always seemed honest and trustworthy and for Angela to suggest that the illegal action was not harmful and for the honest company to overlook or underplay something like this, Chantale might me making a big deal over nothing. Chantale has to choose between doing what is ethically right and what her company tells her is right. In the case of Avco, eight of the ten prima facie duties were violated. The duty of veracity, truth telling was violated by the company’s managers. The prima facie duty of fidelity, would be violated if Chantale chooses not to keep quite about theShow MoreRelatedE-Health and Commercial Genetic Testing1041 Words   |  5 PagesCase #1 Business Ethics Case Studies: e-Health and Commercial Genetic Testing Veritas Diagnostics is a medical diagnostics company specializing in adult genetic susceptibility testing for a range of heritable and complex genetic conditions. Their main business involves testing for the mutations associated with cystic fibrosis, hereditary kidney disease, as well as breast, ovarian and colorectal cancer. They have a well-staffed, well-run, sophisticated genetics laboratory capable ofRead MoreInternational Financial Accounting155754 Words   |  624 PagesCopyright law protects their livelihoods. It does so by creating rights over the use of the content. Breach of copyright is a form of theft – as well as being a criminal offence in some jurisdictions, it is potentially a serious breach of professional ethics. With current technology, things might seem a bit hazy but, basically, without the express permission of BPP Learning Media: Photocopying our materials is a breach of copyright Scanning, ripcasting or conversion of our digital materials into different

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