Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Culture and difference Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Culture and difference - Essay Example The first perspective is contributors commented on happenings that may or may not need to take consign on speculative justifications as simultaneously to cultural change. This is based on the theoretical evidences that are observed on a daily change occurring in the life of people. The second important explanation provided by the contributors is based on the effect of technology on ecological factors. Growth in technology has a direct effect on the ecology this has been presented with significant justifications. The third and most important theory on this ground is based directly on the direct impact of the nature and role of individual uniqueness, ways of consigning about identity, the position of education to uniqueness and more prejudiced positions including personal indications, explanation on sensory contribution and human. Therefore these are the main topics that deal with theory, change and individual identity. The impact of technology on individual culture is based on this hy pothesis. The impact of technology is spot-lighted with substantial examples and evidences under the discussion below. The effect of technology has many positive aspects in human lives. Technology is accountable for various changes that are featured in the present time. Technology empowers individual abilities and also extends human capacities. Most of the items that are used by a person today like car, eye-glass, phone and computer are technologically advanced items that give people wings to extend the natural capacities. These items are very useful in day to day life of a person and without certain machines human beings find it very difficult to survive. This was not how people used to feel a few decades ago. Technology has entered in human lives in a very broad-way. There are certainly numerous positive features because of which technologically advanced equipments are so easily acceptable by people, however there are

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