Thursday, July 25, 2019

Franklin Roosevelt Against the Great Depression and World War II Research Paper

Franklin Roosevelt Against the Great Depression and World War II Difficulties - Research Paper Example Franklin D. Roosevelt was an effective leader in office and a powerful leader in the history of America presidents. He was self-confident, could interact with all people easily and determined public servant who provided America with a clear vision and used his political skills to get all people focused towards achieving the vision (Franklin, 2013). His life was spent in public service. He began his public service career as a New York State Senator. Then he became the assistant secretary of the navy and was once a vice presidential candidate. Later he served as the New York governor before running for the presidency and serving as the 32nd president of the United States of America (Berlin, 1955). A policy is made after wide consultation and evaluation of its effectiveness, advantages, and disadvantages. Then the collected views are subjected to the discussion by lawmakers and finally, the president assents to the policy making it legal. A policy is made from concrete facts. The presid ent is not solely responsible for decision-making. There are many other decision-making organs involved in decision making such as the Judiciary, Attorney General, and lawmaking institutions. President Franklin Roosevelt could speak at length on any matter with his charisma to link with people. He could project his voice loud enough with charismatic, intimate and yet commanding speech that was hugely appreciated by Americans. He restored hope to Americans through his speech. In March 1933, he delivered the first speech that made Americans write thousands of appreciation letters to him for giving them hope during the great economic depression.

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