Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Global leadership and management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Global leadership and management - Essay Example They understand that the leadership tools help them in solving complicated problems and thus give them way to be success. Those leaders who are best are certainly keen on learning more to sharpen their qualities and skill to be constructive and efficient .A leader can turn out to be disorganized and unfocused, if he does not evaluate and analyze himself at the right time and in the right manner. A stressed and unfocused leader can be a disaster and failure and can also de-motivate the team which he is leading. The performance standards of the leader can be enhanced only if he makes use of an appropriate leadership assessment tool. These tools provide assessment in various areas of management like sales, customer service, team building, and time management and so on. The overview of the proposed leadership assessment tool The proposed leadership assessment tool is focused on determining the ability of the person to work with tasks and people. In this assessment, a person needs to resp ond on 18 questions which evaluate their skill on task and people. This assessment studies the leader’s skill and ability in leading a project by giving attention to all areas of working. It also evaluates the person’s ability in achieving a task or objective in the appropriate manner Also, the person’ s ability to coach the team regarding new tasks and procedures are also analyzed in this proposed leadership assessment tool. His ability to carry out different complicated task at one time is also kept in consideration during the assessment. Managing the time is an important aspect of a successful leadership and this tool give much value to it. A leader can perform a task efficiently only if he is expert in analyzing problems and managing team work. He should also honor the limits and restrictions of his employees and plan things accordingly. However, if a leader can counsel his employees well, he has done half of his job. Once the person has responded to the que stions listed, his scores are recorded on a form which has the two columns with a specification of task and people. The total marks for both areas are totaled and jotted on a chart. The graph has task has the horizontal axis, and people as the vertical axis. According to the intersection of lines on graph, the leadership will be categorized as team leader, country club type, authoritarian or impoverished. In the following pages we can see the results of 10 respondents who have used this tool. Leadership assessment results of 10respondents Respondent One : The first respondent is not very keen in involving the team in decision making process, coaching them , reading literature to training, leadership and psychology as the score is two .Although, he is averagely good with accomplishing tasks ,keeping accounts of minute details of projects, correcting mistakes, time management and encouraging employees, since his score is three. He has proved too competent with analyzing problems, mult i- tasking, explaining the task to employees and honoring their limits as he scored four. The person has gives least importance in breaking large projects to smaller task and monitoring the schedule of the project, since he has scored one .However, the score is five in areas like building a great team, on counseling skills and carrying out and implementing innovative procedures. Finally, by

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