Monday, July 29, 2019

Howard Schultz's Leadership Style and Traits Research Paper

Howard Schultz's Leadership Style and Traits - Research Paper Example Nor does he stand ramrod tall and deliver a lecture or key message points†¦. He lets it all hang out--and is, by turns, sensitive, passionate, and responsive. What the managers see is what they get. Its Schultz--the corporate caregiver and truth teller. And its a distinctive leadership style based on an idealism that seems at odds with a sharp-edged global economy that has bloodied both business credibility and employee morale.† (US This, in nutshell, reveals the personality of the man, and his positive approach to the issues. Some of his observations/comments in the meeting prove the point. â€Å"The art of leadership is making sure we dont allow the scale and size of the company to change the methodology of how we conduct ourselves. We have to be careful not to let our values be compromised by an ambition to grow." "You dont start out by saying, Im going to create the worlds largest coffee company. You start with a sensibility that says, Im going to create a different kind of company, and you have to follow the path of doing the right thing by making decisions that are true to your mission and cause. You refer to your heart, conscience, and memory." "Being a great leader means finding the balance between celebrating success and not embracing the status quo. Being a great leader also means identifying a path we need to go down and creating enough confidence in our people so they follow it and dont veer off course because its an easier route to go."(†¦.) In his book â€Å"A Passion to Lead: Seven Leadership Secrets in Business, Sports and Life, Jim Calhoun writes, â€Å"A Passion to Lead is for all those who are serious about making their dreams a reality. It’s a motivational tool for achieving success both at work and in life, and it can help turn any adversity into an advantage.†(Back Flap†¦) and he further writes, â€Å"Lead anyway-is that character and toughness can be cultivated, if you stick with people who care about

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